Casa del Mar

The room we have is small, but we get pretty nice view to the beach and Boardwalk. 

The benefit of this hotel is its location and easy access to the beach.
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Russ and Daughters

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Levain Bakery

Levain is a bakery known for their cookies. Its a fairly small place in the basement of a residential building. As expected, there is a line outside of store. The person waiting behind us is a New Yorker who was brought to this place by his friend. He said he doesnt believe in a place that has a long waiting line could be an indicator of “good food”, because all the New Yorkers are just so used to waiting. And they would just get in the line whenever they see a big line… lol.. remind me so much of Taipei ppls!
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Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market reminds me of Ferry Building in SF. There are a lot of boutique shops and restaurants in this brick building. I feel Chelsea Market is more hippie and crowded while Ferry Building is a bit more modern and spacious.
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Los Tacos @ Chelsea Market

We came to Chelsea Market twice for this taco place in our 4 days NYC trip. That shows how much Jose loves their tacos w/ their freshly-handmade tortillas!
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1 Hotel Central Park

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Gracias Madre @ LA

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Milagros Latin Kitchen

It’s been one of the best Mexican restaurants we often go to in Peninsula. This one is close to redwood city downtown, so after or before lunch, we can stop by some stores or Philz for a coffee. 
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We like Yountville so much that it’s always our top choice when we want to have a mini trip in Bay Area. You can stay an extra day in Yountville downtown, book a nice restaurant that’s close by, and then easily spend half a day in a nice hotel with a nice swimming pool- so relaxing …. 
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For my 35 yr old birthday, hubby took us to La FoLie, a French restaurant in SF. I’m glad they accept kids, because some of Michelin Star restaurants don’t.

Their menu has a few options, you could do 5 course chef’s special fixed menu, or manually select 3 course or 4 course menu. They also have vegetarian menu which you can select your 3 or 4 courses.
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Lemongrass Chicken Satay


  1. Organic Chicken Breast or Chicken Tender 雞胸肉 (2 big pieces)
  2. Lemongrass (1)
  3. Lemon 檸檬 (1/2)
  4. Soy Sauce 醬油 (隨意)
  5. Black Pepper 黑胡椒 (隨意)

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Hog Island @ Oxbow Marketplace

The restaurants in Oxbow marketplace are mostly good. Hog island is the best choice if we want to have a light lunch – seafood and salad!
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Oxbow Marketplace

Oxbow Marketplace @ Napa is like a smaller version of Ferry Building @ San Francisco. Both have very similar atmosphere, good restaurants and little shops selling fresh fruits and vegetables.
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Bouchon Bakery

This is always our first stop when we come to Yountville. Try to get there early as the line can get super long!! 

The must try for the first time visitors is their signature macaroons- nice looking and tasty!
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Rasa Indian restaurant

We finally found a good Southern Indian restaurant we like in bay area.
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